Friday, May 25, 2012

Crochet Backpack

The best thing i've been proud of in the few months is the fact that i started making my own designs for the crochet projects. I've made two bags, still unfinished, one them i ran out of yarn, and the other i'm just too lazy, and now that finals have started, there's no time. BUT i did finish a backpack, and the best part is that it's practical, i can actually wear it in public! After all that work and time, it had to be practical.
Here it is:

It would be very nice and rewarding if ANYONE read this to leave a comment :)
Thank you.
And the Teddy Bears, i made one for me and another for my mom:

D.I.Y Love

As i've written in my previous post, i have developed a lone for DIY jewelry. One of my favorite DIY websites/blogs is I SPY DIY, she's AMAZING. I followed one of her tutorials to make a ring bracelet you can see it here. And here's what i made:

Another favorite DIY website/blog, Honestly...WTF. I followed their tutorial for a woven chain bracelet here, and i added a few modifications of my own. Their other DIYs are really awesome too. And here's what i made:

I've also come up with something else of my own. I've made a crochet covered chain bracelet. And another braided bracelet.

At least i tried :) 

Other favorite DIY blogs/websites:

Long (long, long) Time No See

Well, it's been a really long while since i've been around here. Got caught up in a school website competition (we didn't win),  yes, since february. Then school. And now finals. yesterday was the last day of 11th grade, it's been a REALLY unbelievable school year. crazy and weird, in both good and bad ways.
But i've developed an obsession for DIY. Thanks to craftgawker, and a number of other blogs and websites, and i've also followed some of the tutorials and made a few bracelets. As far as crochet goes, i found out that the cellphone cozy i made was featured on the pattern author's website (like, TODAY), here, and i've made two teddy bears from a one of Lion Brand's free patterns, AND i've made a medium sized backpack from a pattern f my own (it felt awesome finishing it).
I've recently finished reading Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer. I've read also read in the past months:
Sing You Home - Jodi Picoult
The Art of Racing in the Rain - Garth Stein
The Hunger Games (who didn't read this?!) - Suzanne Collins
Shutter Island - Dennis Lehane
One Day - David Nicholls

I'll be making two individual posts with the things i've made later.

Friday, February 3, 2012

January Photo Blog

In Jordan, out with friends


Jordan, Plane Takeoff

Abu-Dhabi, UAE. View from the balcony


Pizza, from Figgaro's 

iPod sleeves




A walk on the Corniche 

I also went shopping


Stayed in

We went to IKEA

I LOVED their trays, it's an awesome idea

Dubai, Dubai Mall 


Abu Dhabi, Cold Stone 

Also Ice-Cream, Baskin Robins 


Dubai, Ibn Battootah Mall

 Abu-Dhabi, I went to the zoo

All photos taken by RahmehQ