Friday, November 18, 2011

Eid and After-Eid Photo Blog

I think these are the things that are worth mentioning. Interesting or not, i did my best to not stay bored. On the bright side (the other one, not the one that has the laptop, that is, indeed VERY bright!) i finished a book, The Gift by Cecelia Ahern, i honestly love her and her books, she never fails to impress. I am currently reading Steve Jobs' biography along with East of Eden by John Steinbeck.
 Coasters for Grandma in Palestine
November 2nd, 2011. I decided to make 3 coasters for my Grandmother in Palestine as gift, because grandpa was going back there. It's the same pattern i used to make the coasters in THIS post.

The Gift by Cecelia Ahern

November 4th, 2011. Originally this picture was taken before Eid, but i finished the book in Eid, three days after the picture had been taken.

My (new) MacBook Pro

I also got an iPod case
November 5th, 2011. Dad had just gotten back from the US, with many awesome gifts. Alhamdullellah.

This is a turtle, a very small one. Yes, I like to be very precise. See?

November 7th, 2011. This was taken on the second day of Eid. We found the turtle at one of our Relatives' garden. And to make things even more cheerful, i was wearing white, and ironically i went on dirt and mud too get a turtle.

Frozen Yogurt at Pinkberry, in City Mall, Amman.
November 12th, 2011. Long after Eid we went to the Airport, then we stopped by City Mall. I bought a few books, then got frozen yogurt.

Along with the rain, comes a lake.

November 17th, 2011 (Yesterday). The rain brought many interesting gifts, one of them was a lake forming on the street we walk through to our building. The bus drops us off at the beginning of a not-too-long street, it's barely even a street, but yesterday we had to walk pulling our trousers up as if we were expecting a flood. I got mud all over my Nike sneakers. 

That's it. Thanks to anyone who cared enough to read or even look at the pictures. Would it be too much to ask for a comment? :) Thank you! 

I'm (almost) Back!

I finally finished my midterms yesterday, i had 5 before Eid and 4 after. A lot has happened, or maybe it's just the fact the i got a lot of new things, one of them is this laptop, that's the biggest event of my whole year. I got a new MacBook Pro, my life is complete. Almost, i can't really ask for anything right now but a proper vacation, which might come in January, hopefully. I'm starting finals 15/12/2011.

I'll be making an individual post about the event of past 3 weeks i guess. With pictures, if i could.