Friday, September 16, 2011

A new set of coasters

I finished these for a friend of my mom's in the United States two days ago. I got the pattern from 150 Corchet Trims book, it's called the Trellis Motif, it's really easy to remember and very enjoyable.

I also got 3 new books, One Day, Three Cups of Tea, and For the Love of a Son.

Eid, School, and BOOKS! Lots of them in fact...

School started, i haven't written a word in here ever since the first day of Eid, i barely wrote anything that day.

Starting with Eid. The first day was the same as every year, people come visit you in the morning, the men to be precise, and then after they leave at 11 am you go to sleep because you've been awake since 5 am. That day i slept until lunch at 4 pm, we had lunch with my grandparents. We waited until 7:30 pm to go on our own relatives' tour. After going to 4 or 5 houses, we got to the last house of that day, at 9 pm we went to our 2nd only descent mall in Irbid, with 5 of dad's cousins, i had fun, i went home at 12:45 am, which was  surprising, but awesome.

School. School started exactly the first Sunday after Eid, which was only 2 days after it, no breathers. The first day was normal, not as pleasant as i expected, but pretty normal. For one thing, 11th grade is going to be a hell of a ride, specially when it comes to the people i am going to share a classroom with for a whole school year,and that might be stuck with the next year. The school practically stuffed us from 10th grade in two classrooms,last year there were 3 classrooms, and this year a lot of girls transferred, one of them is one of my best friends, thanks to her transfer school sucked even more. it didn't sucks, it sucks! Most of my friends are in the other class, yay.  I just figured i'd endure it, and concentrate on studying.
The books were twice the size they are now, until i split them in half

As for BOOKS, i finished reading Thanks for the Memories for Cecelia Ahern 3 week ago, and i started reading Dan Brown's the Lost Symbol, a nice change, keeps you reading for hours and hours. I've always loved Cecelia's books, they always relate you to something in real life, every time i read something about someone in one of her books i remember something about my family or my friends or my school.