About Me

My name is Rahmeh, I am Jordanian and a Muslim, born in the USA, only lived there for 4 years, i currently live in Jordan. I am in love with Books and Clothes, and pretty much anything related to them, whether it was movies or music.
I don't have anything else to write, what i just wrote was pretty good compared to what it looked like last year, this time it's two lines bigger.
i am writing in this blog to express my... umm... i don't know... obsessions and hobbies? Something like that, but mostly so i won't get bored in this summer, i need something to do beside the gym. for Clothes, i mostly use Polyvore.com to create sets, i spend  most of my time on the internet, and writing, mostly tumblr, another obsession. I don't have facebook, so there's no need for a search, you're not going to find me.
That's all apparently, long enough now i guess.

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