Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hello, Hello Abu-Dhabi!

I arrived yesterday in Abu-Dhabi, UAE. I'm staying here for more than twenty days, YAY! I'm so happy and excited, and i can't wait to post photos of everything.
But now i thought i'd give you an update of my creations.
So, before coming here to UAE i mad a few gifts for some of my loved ones. I made another Amigurumi Kawaii bunny, but it's bigger than the one i've made before, and it's white. I also made a pink bag as a gift for someone else, the flower didn't take long, but i made it with thin crochet yarn and small hook.

And i made something for me as well, i made a black and grey pouch, the pattern isn't mine BUT i did add something of my own, i added the trim in between the grey rows to sort create something like lace, it turned out pretty good, specially after 9 hours of working on it all day, i felt pretty proud of myself.

I've also been writing another short story, i thought i'd write something from it here so you could tell me what you think. Please?

>> She’s been here before. But she couldn’t exactly decide when, she’s been here many times before, each time the window had the same scenery, like a painted picture never aging. The narrow water stream from the river seemed to always be running, but never running out, taking small pebbles with it, joining the river at its end to the sea. Ramona could see the hill in the distance; it had always showed her the way home. The giant oak tree, always standing strong and firm, didn’t change either, it had the same colors and shade that had made Ramona’s favorite place to sit down and just wonder, waiting for her father to come home from work every day, and sit in his arms talking and laughing on weekends. She then realized it was the old cottage where she lived most of her life with her parents. Birds were always chirping and singing, serenading her with each note they sang, making her feel like she was the only one they were singing to. One thing always changed. The sky always changed, in its own way, with its clouds and beautiful colors when the sun was setting, and the moon that seemed light up the sky a bit all the time, guiding the starts to do the same. But she was never allowed outside or near the windows at night, her father said the night always brought on trouble for them. With the never-changing scenery of the window, the room always looked the same, she could tell it wasn’t hers; she looked around searching for clues, trying to define where she was. She opened the weathered closet in the far corner of the room, she saw a short light pink dress, it was the only thing in the closet, and she recognized it. She saw her mother wearing it while running around the house with her, trying to catch a butterfly. A teardrop rolled down her cheek, but she didn’t feel it. Seconds later, she heard glass shattering.
Ramona woke up startled, drenched in sweat and panting for air. The sound of her phone woke her up.
So? What do you think? Am i desperate to know? Yes, i am.

Monday, January 2, 2012

A New Amigurumi Teddy

I made an amigurumi teddy yesterday. The pattern isn't mine, you can find it HERE.

I LOVE her patterns, they're really amazing and creative, the Kawaii amigurumi bunny is also one of her patterns.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

In the New Year, we resolve to do things we've only dreamed of doing. And not to do other things ever again.
--Gossip Girl Season 4, Episode 12: The Kids Are Not Alright

Well, it's a new year, and i'm sure you've all hashed out your plans for the next 366 days, i know i did. I'm hoping to find some good things, asking Allah to guide me through the problems and help me get past the obstacles. Hoping i'd reach my new goals, and try to achieve the ones i've already given up on before, because you know as they said once on Gossip Girl: a new year doesn't wipe away old problems
InshaAllah this year will be better than last year for the whole world.
Yesterday i watched the New Year Celebrations in Dubai on TV, the fireworks and the bridge and the fountain... Oh my god it was so amazing, if only we were there to see it live, but i saw it live on TV.