Monday, August 29, 2011


Well, yesterday they announced it was the last day of Ramadan. Today is the first day of El al-Fitr, i had breakfast this morning and it was awesome, and after this i am going to get my clothes ready!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kawaii Amigurumi Bunny!

I finished this awesomely cute Spring bunny, thanks to this AMAZING pattern, the author also has a tumblr blog, every pattern is just as awesome as this one. My bunny looked different a bit, specially with the eyes.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Monsieur Le Owl

I finished this owl (even though it barely looks like one :P) two days ago, i've been trying to finish a  book, but i didn't. :)

Yesterday we had the first family feast at our house, instead of my grandparents', it was great, i still can't get over the food. I didn't make anything but the salad, and worked as the person who's pouring drinks for people the whole time.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Coco Mademoiselle

Coco Mademoiselle

H M short dress
£30 -

Silvian Heach sequin high heels
€67 -

Rodo crystal evening clutch
$1,899 -

Yves Saint Laurent chain bracelet
$895 -

$25 -

I WANT this perfume, well this one beside Chanel No.5. 

An Awesome, lovely, productive day...

There might be a hint of sarcasm in there... no... there is sarcasm in there, today's event didn't have a whiff of calmness, and not in a good way, just pure misery and, filling every second, loud, LOUD voices. Around me were a series of problems that could fill a whole lame Turkish soap opera, yelling everywhere, not exactly in the same house.
It started yesterday, when our neighbors downstairs on the first floor started yelling at each other, a couple. and then, i think an hour before ftoor, the people next to us, still in the same building husband and wife, started fighting, she left and then he left, their poor son got his own load of pain trying to fix things.
And today, in the building BEHIND our building, women were shouting at each other, they didn't leave anything or anything out of it, not even god --istaghfara allah -- we can hear them from our kitchen balcony, so another soap opera, mostly guys would love that. Maybe.

And now to crochet, i made a little purple and gray pouch, it can't fit anything bigger than a handbook i think, but it's practical. It's the same amigurumi method, but instead of 6 sc in the first round in the ring, i put 10 sc.

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Avec Moi...

Avec Moi...

Alice Olivia box pleat skirt
£295 -

Gucci patent leather high heels
£400 -

Chanel quilted bag
$924 -

Gold plated jewelry
$220 -

Tom binns jewelry
$210 -

Prada shades
$290 -

Friday, August 12, 2011

Books and crochet patterns filling boredom

It's true, it's all i do now beside reading Qur'an and praying, that's my Ramadan for you, or my vacation.But enough complaining about that, i think some people have it worst than me. Maybe.
I finished Girls of Riyadh by Rajaa Alsanea, i loved every second reading it, it's really great almost perfect. So, after that i resumed reading Thanks for the Memories by Cecelia Ahern, every book she writes is amazing, you can keep reading and reading non-stop, that happens with other writers, but she just has a special way of telling a story, it's always funny, romantic, and sad at the same time, and you never get bored, and the best part is about all that is she doesn't write about vampires, i think I've had my fare share of vampire/fantasy-fiction, a whole year actually.

Anyway, coming to finished crochet projects, i started and coasters set a few days ago, it seems nice and interesting so far, and i am very much in love with these Amigurumi stuff, they're SO cute! I made a a bear head, it's supposed to be in a cupcake liner, but we were out of those, this awesome pattern is not mine, you can find it  HERE.

And also, i made this little Robin, named it Mr. Maroon :P i know, silly, but it fits. The patter is HERE (it's not mine!).

Something else on the list of "all things handmade and practical" is a "fan circle motif bookmark. i didn't use the same yarn i usually used, i used cotton perle. I followed the instructions in 150 crochet trims.

Rahmeh :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Ramadan, Ramadan, Ramadan...

Haven't been here for a while, a week of Ramadan has passed, and it hasn't been that hard, last year the weather was hotter so it was harder, but this year is pretty good. and the BEST part is the food looks good every day!
Cinnamon Rolls made by my brother. i know, weird.
So, the camera's battery is empty, and the charger is somewhere else, not lost, just "misplaced", and i can't take decent pictures of my finished crochet stuff, I've made two amigurumi animals, a cat and a teddy bear, and i think that's a big achievement for a newbie. I've also finished a garland for my room, pink and green, and i am working on a set of cup coasters, maybe a gift for somebody. 
Have you been reading anything lately? Yeah, Girls of Riyadh , and i am about to finish it!!!
Unfinished Garland
First amigurumi finished projects 
One thing i want more than anything right now is to go somewhere other than where i am right now. i want to go to Italy, or France, or New York, you know the normal far away dream-lands for anyone who's never been on more than a 4-hour flight. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan has come, the first day yesterday was ok, i might have fainted but i survived, and then when sunset finally arrived, the food looked so good i started eat like there's no tomorrow. Ramadan Kareem everyone.