Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last post of 2011

Well, it's been a busy year for everyone i think.
I have no idea what to say about it really.
I made another bunny yesterday, as a gift for a friend, it's the same as the one i made in THIS post, with the same pattern, you can find it  HERE, it's not mine.

We were in Baitaras yesterday, invited for lunch, i'm not sure wether to call it a village or a town really, but i had fun.


Thursday, December 29, 2011


Yay! I finished my finals yesterday, and now i have a whole month off. I'm going away somewhere, just not yet.
Yesterday after the exam i went home, then went to the mall with my friends, i'm also going next week. I had so much fun, laughing, eating, talking, taking pictures, and then laughing again. It was really awesome, just for the sole fact that i was doing something i didn't have to do, and now i can sit here without the that urging feeling of having to do something. 
I can get back to my crochet, writing, and... well... just sitting here on the internet. Ironically, this vacation started with work, house work, and then guests. But i'm being positive, most of the time at least, and the whole thing isn't killing me. Yet. 
I took these pictures when it was raining 3 days ago i think. The pigeons were outside my bedroom window, standing on the thing for the air conditioning. 

Oh and also...
Two perfect things:
  1. One Direction!!!
  2. Safe and Sound - Taylor Swift (ft. The Civil Wars) for the Hunger Games!!!
Picture from:

First of all, One Direction. These five are perfect in every way! Songs, looks, even accents. I loved their album, it's really awesome. There are a lot more dedicated fans than me, i've seen them in the documentary, but unfortunately because i live in Jordan, i don't get the courtesy to see them live or in a signing, or even on TV, the X Factor didn't air here, and it still doesn't. Tumblr and internet are my only two way to show my love. :)

And the second thing is Taylor Swift's new song, Safe and Sound with the Civil Wars, it's amazing. This angel just makes us love her more and more, i haven't seen the Hunger Games yet, but i've read the books and i can't wait to see the whole thing. I love the song, it's so perfect.
That's all for now.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Yesterday was awesome, the next two weeks are going to be hell...

Yes, it was awesome. We had this lunch in class when everybody gets something either homemade, or bought and cut into pieces and they say they made it. I tried to make cookies, they turned out ok, not bad but not good either, they were more like stones, but they liked them, that was a good thing.
Now, to the "hell" part, I'm starting finals tomorrow, and i finish the 28th, our school finishes before any other school in the whole country. I'm not going to be here, i think, until after the 28th. Now i have to go and study computer, or memorize like a freaking commentator robot, i don't even know why i have to study that, we're supposed to be working ON the computer, not MEMORIZING how it works, it really sucks.
See you in 2 weeks,

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Singing in the rain...

Well, not really, not me anyway. The streetlights could be dancing. It's raining outside right now, perfect way to start a weekend if you had absolutely nothing planned. It's getting colder and colder here, i can't imagine what it's like in the other cities around Jordan, especially Ajloun. Maybe it would snow this year somewhere other than Amman and Ajloun, i hope so.

So i finished reading Oliver Twist, then i watched the movie. It's a great movie, but i liked the book more, it's much more detailed. I also finished reading the Pilgrimage by Paulo Coelho, every book he writes is amazing, but i'm surprised that none of his books have been made into movies yet. I'm still reading East of Eden, it's getting more  and more interesting, it's gotten to the point where it really catches you, and you can't stop reading. But you know, then you have to sleep, because you have school the next day where you have to be fully awake (that's what we all say, but none of us are really awake most of the time, unless the teacher asks us a question catching us off guard), so that you can understand physics, math and chemistry, then go home saying you're "going to" study, when really you end up either sleeping or on the internet, but eventually you do study, most of the time anyway. That all happens even though i don't have a Facebook account, it would be a freaking disaster if i had a Facebook account.

I think that's why i don't get noticed in school that often, because i don't have a Facebook account, even though i get my fair share of judgmental stares and the very famous eye rolling from a bitch or two, no one really know who i am, only a few people do, and that's just by name. But i like that, i like being anonymous, i like that no one can link me to anything in school with a bunch of people just by a status, i guess i like most people looking at me in the hallways of the school i've been in since first grade and think: "she's been here forever, but who the hell is she?" And don't get the wrong idea, i'm not one of those girls you'd see with a perfect figure and a new trend on how to wear your hijab, or even eyeliner, i do wear a hijab, but i'm also not too thin or too fat, but that doesn't mean i'm not fat, and it doesn't mean that i have to stand by these people's rules. Wonder all you want, you're not going to come up with a single logical explanation, because you have no idea who i am, and if you do... tell me.