Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Amazing vacation...

The picture you see above is the view of the sunset, today,  from the balcony of my grandparents' apartment in Abu-Dhabi, 22 floors from the ground.

It's February, welcome february was trending on twitter last time i checked, although i have no idea why, for me it's just another reminder that school is just in a few days, or a week. But i shouldn't complain. i really shouldn't. I've had the best vacation anyone could have asked for, i prayed, i ate, i shopped, i slept, and i even played a bit, it was really fun, and very fruitful. I felt the pleasure of reading without boundaries of time or duties, i felt free to write as if i had all the time in the world, i felt the pleasure of sleeping and waking up whenever i wanted. But, nothing lasts forever, and i enjoyed it while it lasted.

I'm still in UAE at the moment, and i'll be publishing a January Photo Diary post soon, maybe after i'm done editing the photos, hopefully tomorrow.

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